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=Faction Document/=

Post  ~Poojah Nazol~ on Sat Jun 14, 2008 10:09 am

=\sSs/= Sectarian Scums Smugglers.

=\Tag/= =\sSs/=
=\Affiliation/= Rogues and Xenos in Liberty, Gaians and Mollys in Britonia, Unioners in Rheinland and Blood Dragons in Kusari.

=\Britonia/= Providing for Mollys, Gaians...
=\Independent/= Providing for Unioners, Rogues...
=\Kusari/= Providing for Blood Dragons...
=\Liberty/= Providing for Rogues...
=\Rheinland/= Providing for Unioners...

=\Sectarian history/= The Sectarian's ancestors going back 100,000 years were huge frogs, they were living only underwater in the deep swamps of Sectar. Their diet was based on swamp plants and whatever breed of fish is found in the swamps.Trough evolution they eventually became fully amphibious and so they started eating huge bugs and fruits and vegetables, while still diving in to get their favorite fish the "Pulatni Glob" (Don't ask where I get these names) There's a plant called "Gatani Root" that grows only in the deepest swamps of the Sectar continent with it we make a drink called "Barthani Cocktail" which contains other ingredients but we won't go there. This drink has an hallucinogen effect which means you have to be sitting or laying down to enjoy it best...

Needless to say because of this, it is highly illeagal on our world so we became smugglers. A few years back Poojah Nazol met an alien creature who called himself a reptilian named Jabal Hogla. He said he was exploring the our sector and decided to land here because there was many swamps, so he taught this would make a perfect new home for him. Poojah and Jabal became friends. Jabal taught him the ways of space flight. He later became well known and a good friend of our tribe. He also brought us the plans to build jewel-like bubbles connected together to form a new city in the murky waters of the "Fethuni swamps" we called it "Basheeni Pod city" so now we live both in and on the shores of the swamp.

=\Sectarian Homeworld/= Secreted beneath the surface of a serene Sectarian lake is a world entirely different than that encountered above. Here is the hidden domain of the amphibious Sectarians, the native inhabitants of the peaceful planet.
An idyllic world close to the outer rim of the Sirius sector. Sectar is inhabited by an indigenous species of intelligent amphibians called the Sectarians.
Sectar's surface consists of swampy lakes, rolling plains and green hills. Its population centers are beautiful -- Sectar's river city Octavia Prime is resplendent with classical architecture and greenery, while the underwater Sectarian settlements are a beautiful display of exotic hydrostatic bubble technology.

=\ RP Mission/=
2 years ago we were trained as smugglers by a reptilian. We were smugglers on our world but smuggling in space is way different and also way more dangerous. Since then I paid him back for the Cargo ships he bought us. A few months after we started mapping and smuggling our sector of space, we were on a collision course with an Ion storm which we avoided at the expense of going trough a one way anomaly. So needless to say we lost in the Sirius sector...

We were told by the Rogues of Buffalo Base that the anomaly inside the Badlands doesn't go anywhere. Zack Vargos one of their pilots was very surprised to see us emerge from the anomaly. A Rogue scientist by the name James Furlong after hearing our testimony concluded that it must be like a one way jump hole. We've been trading and smuggling for the past 2 weeks, and made a lot of alliances with most of the pirate clans and in all our travels we realized one thing.

The great houses, Liberty, Kusari, Britonia and Rheinland have taken possession of all the best solar systems in the Sirius sector, because of this the pirates of Sirius have been left alone to provide for themselves, and some don't even have a planet to call home. This has created a vicious circle of smuggling and pirating, maybe if some of them could find and claim a world they would not need our support anymore and for that matter they wouldn't need to even be in space and work there. We are here to help them find a planet they can call home, and meanwhile we are mapping every inch of Sirius hoping to find a way back to the peacefull beauty and serenity of our homeworld. That would be the final goal of our faction until then we will help our new human allys any way we can.

=\Primairy Base Claim/=Somewhere in an unknown sector of space.

=\Past History/= On our homeworld which we keep secret, the Sectarians have always been smugglers providing for the poor by taking from the rich.

=\A New Age/= Now the Sectarians are lost in the Sirius sector continuing their smuggling tradition inside human space and are known as the =\sSs/= "The Sectarian Scums Smugglers".

=\Goals/= Providing goods and Illeagal goods for the poor and homeless within the great houses of the Sirius sectors.

=\Goods/= The =\sSs/= does not buy goods, it takes it from trains to provide for the poor and homeless.

=\Illegal goods/= They will be bought and distributed to provide for space exploration and NPC planet claims and all other financial difficulty that NPC pirate factions may have.

=\Train Kills/= Those of us who'll make raids on trains will be expected to have full red reps and therefore it will be impossible for them to land on planets or any friendly bases.

<~NPC~> Gaians, Lane hackers, Junkers, Mollys, Rogues, Unioners, Xenos,

<~Clan~> [RA]Rogue Alliance
[BD]Blood Dragons

<~NPC~> Corsair, Outcast, Zoners

<~Clans~> Auctoro

<~NPC~> Bounty hunters, Britonia Police and Militairy, Kusari Police and Navy, Liberty Police and Navy, Rheinland Police and Militairy

<~Clans~> [IRF]Rheinland Federation

=\Smugglers aka Looters/=.........=\Character's name/=.................=\Forum Names/=

=\Tribe Leader/=....................Poojah=\sSs/=Heyblibber....................Poojah Nazol
=\Puwanian smuggler queen/=
=\Puwanian smuggler1/=
=\Puwanian smuggler2/=
=\Puwanian smuggler3/=
=\Puwanian smuggler4/=

=\Scums aka Protectors/=..........=\Character's name/=............................=\Forum Names/=

=\Scum I/=
=\Scum II/=
=\Scum III/=
=\Scum IV/=
=\Scum V/=
=\Scum VI/=
=\Scum VII/=

=\Wanted Scums aka Train killers/=.......=\Character's name/=...................=\Forum Names/=

=\Wanted Scum 1/=
=\Wanted Scum II/=
=\Wanted Scum III/=
=\Wanted Scum IV[color=orange]/=


"Siga made by Enigma" "Never give up never surrender" "Loot is free"
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